Sunday, 26 April 2009


Out there in the Real World, swine flu is out of control and people are starting to whisper the P-word; the GFC is tightening its stranglehold on world economies; unemployment is rising. It's all doom and gloom.

Here at Chez Betty it's not much better. I'm behind with my fabulous 'Chuck 10 Daily' routine. Must remember that a great idea is only great in reality if you put it into practice.

Work: sucks. The Public Service is not for me, but you know, with a mortgage and all... Jobs don't grow on trees, particularly in the current economic climate.

Finances: marginally improved now that Boomerang Boy has moved home.

House: needs some new fences, repairs to the back deck, a new kitchen floor, decent heating. The roof is sagging, the guttering leaks, the oven blew up and the tree out the front is sick. I'm still drowning in clutter.

Funds to fix any of it: a big fat ZERO.

Love life: what?

Oh poop... I'm feeling flatter than roadkill in peak hour.

I think I'll just go back to bed. Sheesh - must be the grey skies of the last few days, coz it looks like I have the winter blues - and it's not even winter yet! I managed to get the flannie sheets and woollen doona on the bed in the nick of time – will stick my head under the doona and wait for things to improve. Some days it's just not worth getting out of bed and surveying the disasters around you.

But wait! I'm having coffee with “the goilz” in town later. I'd better dig out my winter jacketfrom the disaster area that is the spare room. It's cold – and as windy as hell out there. And on the way home I think I'd better buy some chocolate. It's hot chocolate weather and there's a motoGP race this arv.

Now that's definitely worth getting out of bed for! Rossi's on pole and Stoner's starting from second. Chris Vermeulen's in the second row, and if Motegi stays wet he's likely to have a good ride. Capirossi's bike must've been fixed since the Qatar GP, coz he's starting from the second row too. Go, Suzukis! Fingers crossed for an exciting race. Would love to see a Stoner-Vermeulen 1-2.

Yesssss! A glimmer of hope in a gloomy landscape. I'll worry about swine flu some other time.


lemmiwinks said...

Cold comfort I know, but you're not Robinson Crusoe there Betty. Our back fence is on the verge of falling over, the gate in it is held together with cable ties (I shit you not), we need a retaining wall (got one quote of $5k - ha! Dream on pal), we need 1/2 a yard worth of turf and clutter, let's not even go there.

It may be sacrilege, but I don't cheer young Mr Stoner on in MotoGP. Quite a number of years ago now, when he was still in the 250's, he dedicated a decent chunk of time to bagging out Jorge Lorenzo pre the Phillip Island GP. Subsequently, Jorge went on to win that race while Casey highsided out fairly early on. In the post race interview Lorenzo said that he didn't like the things Stoner had been saying about him and essentially made it his mission to win the race. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned sledging, but I don't think this was that. I've never really liked Stoner since.

Sue said...

Fences suck. A few months back I got out there with some thin wire and tied whole sections of it together to keep them standing. Worked a treat - those sections are still standing, but about two days later, the palings on either side of the tied-together bits fell off - it was like a bloody Buster Keaton film!

Ew, I always thought Casey was such a nice young man! Have never seen that side of him - I'm not fond of sledging at all... Well, Jorge is certainly letting his talent do the talking for him so far this season :-)

lemmiwinks said...

Oh yeah, palings falling off all over the place :-( Will do a Colorbond (should be Colourbond IMO, damn cultural imperialism) fence when I make time. Concrete and steel, no more rot!

I got the impression poor old Jorge was quite upset at the time, but he let the results speak for themselves :-)