Sunday, 10 May 2009

Unaugural 2009! Wheeeeeeeee!

Why on earth would around 20 allegedly sane people from three states plus the ACT gather in a paddock out the back of Tarago, rural NSW, in early May to freeze their bits off overnight?

Because we're motorcyclists. We do weird things.

The 7th annual Unaugural Rally was held at the usual venue on 9 May – and was great!

I'll tell you how great it is – unco Betty dares to ride 6kms of GRAVEL road to get there (and this was my fourth Unaugural!) You know how much I hate gravel, and I don't reckon the road to Funkytown ever gets any easier.

There were slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (only lost 3 arrows all up), snoring Pissheads by the campfire, ice-covered motorcycles and people with the most amazing coffee-making apparatus.

After the archery exercise and the lighting of the annual conflagration, food was plentiful and the Beer Witch stayed on duty for most of the evening, defending the fridge against all comers and curtseying tres elegantly *chortle*. A new tradition may have been born, with the introduction of SOUP! Bacon, sweet potato and sweet corn soup was a nice early morning warmer today (it was very cold - look at my poor bike as it was this morning...)

The awards were spectacular – outstanding achievers were:

Bill scored the “furthest” award because he was actually going from Townsville to Brisbane, but decided to come via Funkytown (a distance of over 2000kms. Townsville to Brissy is about 1300kms. Bill likes to take the 'long way' round.)

It looked for a while as if Bamfy might get the Hard Luck award, coz she chipped a nail – BUT - Jo edged her out by making a grand entrance, falling over at the driveway to Funkytown. (Driveways SUCK!) Nev, Jo's loving husband kept going - keen to get to the beer, no doubt - leaving Marty, Moike and G-S to help Jo pick up her Beemer. Jo – I am currently holding your award hostage, heh heh – but I'll make sure I take it to Wintersun for you.

Newcomer Tim C got the smallest capacity bike award for travelling all the way from Coonabarabran on his GS500F – about 550kms, and he's only been riding since about February – what a trooper (bet his bum's sore after riding all the way home again today!)

Aeeek got the award again for the longest distance on an unpowered vehicle – he rode 104kms on his bicycle. On my way home this arv I passed him, pedalling valiantly up Smiths Gap. Phew, too much like hard work!

BigIain scored the most elaborate coffee-making apparatus award (again – what a surprise! - although Bill almost gave him a run for his money this year!)

Old Fart Moike got oldest bike & rider, with a spectacular total of 88 years (his bike must be truly ancient!) and in his acceptance speech he thanked antiques Johno and Theo for not showing up, heh heh!)

Pisshead turned up late (what a surprise) in his mum's Corolla (an even bigger surprise!) and downed most of Big's bourbon (no surprises there! I believe they are accustomed to drinking each other's bourbon) - and then provided a very melodic background to the campfire chat with his 2000 decibel snores.

Another successful Unaugural – thanks heaps, BTH & Minx – was really terrific!


Pisshead Pete said...

Bloody hell, you get up early Betty! I'm glad I stayed snug as a sizzled snag inside a swag until the ice melted!

SuPine said...

Hi there - your stories really make me laugh and it sounds as if you have a great time. We share our names (I am also SH) but my passions are boats and photography and believe me, boaters do weird things too - freezing bits most of the time!

Julie said...

One of these days I'm gonna have to make it to the Unaugural... Sigh.

Or maybe us Taswegians should organise a local version. Preferably not in the icier months though!

Love your work Betty, keep it up!
xx j

Sue said...

Pete - I know you were acutally awake at 2am (a brief window of awakeness, ha ha!) coz I could hear you when I woke up, freezing, and crawled further into my sleeping bag (which clearly wasn't as snug as your swag!)

7am's a sleep in for me! When I got up around then, most other people were already up, guzzling soup and chatting around a noisy swag that had parked itself by the campfire. PS - did uou really melt your boot? I hope your foot wasn't in it at the time!

Sue said...

Hey SuPine - nice to 'meet' another SH (it's quite an exclusive club, ha ha!)

I imagine boaters are just as mad as bikers - getting cold AND wet must be a whole lot colder than just freezing in a paddock!

I see from your blog that you're a bit of a bird-lover too. Same here!

Sue said...

Maybe next year, Jules... ;-)