Wednesday, 19 August 2009

G Garb returns to Earth - sigh...

Thelma and I parted company in Sydney – temporarily, mind you – after our epic UK journey. Our day jobs and real lives awaited. Erk.

Not to mention jet-lag. Omigod, how insidious is it? It took me nearly a week of falling asleep at odd times, and forcing myself to stay awake at others (an unheard of experience for this insomniac!) AND going to work at my usual hour every day. No wonder my poor blog has been neglected.

Thelma has a slightly more flexible working arrangement, and keeps more civilised hours, but she suffered as well. I rang her occasionally and got babble - something that sounded like a weird combo of sleep-talking, hysteria and Atlantean (or something!). Jet-lag really does suck. However, seeing as we are now sophisticated international jet-setting women of mystery and intrigue, I will stop whingeing about jet-lag, and will pretend that in our sophisticatedness we didn't even notice it!

I will also not mention the terrible toll the trip took on our, um, bowel habits, or the outrageous profits that laxative companies have made in Canberra alone since my return! When they talk about your body being disrupted by travel, they're not kidding!

But apart from the weird sleep and odd-innards – we're home sweet home now. Reflecting on the trip, I have to say it was a fabulously once-in-a-lifetime thing – what memories! What photos! What hangovers!

Thelma and I have had to pick up our lives in Greta (Thelma) and Canberra (Betty), and our business planning now takes place over the phone, rather than within the luxurious confines of Claridge's! (oh, what a bloody hard THUD back to reality that is!)

For the time being I'm returning you to your regular programming, and the Occasional Adventures of Betty is once again primarily my Betty blog – but changed forever (as Thelma and Betty are) because G Garb has become such a fabulously challenging part of my life now as well (thank you Thelma!). G Garb fans - don't abandon me now, because until the G Garb site is fully functional, I'm happily sharing my blog with G Garb.

What a mega-adventure the UK was, and now we are firmly finding our footing back on Planet Earth, and focussing on selling some sophisticated cool G Garb hats!

The fab new G Garb website is under construction. This weekend will be a busy one as Thelma and Betty get together with our lovely web-guru to look at ways to make the G Garb website exciting, edgy and user-friendly. Watch this space...

Right now, though, I'm off to blog about a wonderful weekend in Tasmania!

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