Saturday, 21 November 2009

Music Means Stuff

I've never been a 'background noise' person. I don't understand people who have to have music/tv/radio in the background 24/7. There's enough going on in my head already, without cluttering it with more noise - and after spending years in noisy classrooms I'm more than happy to live in a quiet world, free of background chatter, or noise for the sake of noise.

When I ride I don't listen to music. I prefer the sounds of the road. Not crazy about how noisy the Helmet from Hell is, but I love the sound of the bike.

When I put on music at home, my choices mean something – they're never just random background filler. They are carefully selected to fit my mood. In the past I've made a goose of myself by assuming other people do the same, when really, sometimes a song is just a song, and not some sort of 'message'.

Tonight I had the peculiar urge to listen to Patsy Cline. Erk. All those sad wailing songs about lost love. Bugger. Didn't do much for my melancholy mindset...

So anyway, I've progressed to a bit of kd lang now – a nice combination of country/torch stuff – what a voice! I'm listening to Shadowlands, (shades of Patsy Cline) rather than Reintarnation or All You Can Eat, and I already know that I'll go for Ingenue next.

I think this is a sign that my mood is backsliding. It's been a week since my last big ride, and must be time for another one, to take my brain away from other things!

Phew – just as well there's one in the pipeline! My next big ride is to Brissie in December, and I alternate between excitement and terror at the prospect. The terrain between here and Brisbane is dotted with some fairly scary bushfires at the moment, so a lot will depend on the fire scenario. My leave has been approved, so I will have a week off work, no matter what – but I want to use that time off productively, doing what I like to do best - riding my bike! The Brissie trip should be a good 'un, with the good company of family (my little bro and his lady), and friends (Clem & family) at the other end, via a stop in Armidale to pay homage to a certain new arrival. Watch this space...

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