Saturday, 24 April 2010

Between Jobs

I shouldn't be gleeful, really I shouldn't – but between jobs is a nice place to be! I guess it helps that I actually have a new job to go to, otherwise I mightn't be feeling quite so jubilant.

My last day in the Public Service was spent filling out exit thingies and getting signatures from all over the place to say that I didn't have any library books, didn't owe the department any money and wouldn't blab any secrets (like I know any!)

After a lovely farewell afternoon tea I walked out of there for the last time, handing in my access pass to the security guards downstairs.

The Public Service is weird. There's always someone on leave and someone at work, so my feeling the next morning was not of unemployed glee – it was more like being on leave. How very deflating. I keep telling myself that I couldn't go back there even if I wanted to, but until the new job takes the place of the old one I think I am doomed to feel as if I am still just having a week off.

I've had a whole week to clear my head now, and in that time have: had a weekend in the Blue Mountains; spent a couple of days in Albury celebrating a 'significant' birthday (not mine!); done some reading; had a flu shot; pottered round the house - and the biggie - tried to clear a study space.

Hah! What a joke that's been - there is no space in my house! None! Every available cupboard is full. Every available surface is covered. My 'Chuck Ten' decluttering exercise several months ago was a dismal failure, and I have expanded to the limits of my space. In fact, the outer limits are bulging rather dangerously. My hovel is a bit like Mr Creosote, the World's Fattest Man, (cf Monty Python's Meaning of Life) and the most wafer thin addition to the clutterpile may well set off a hideous and messy Big Bang. Aaaargh! There goes the neighbourhood.

But now, despite all that, it's onto the next chapter. Next week looms. Next Tuesday morning I will walk into my new workplace, not knowing where the rolls are kept, where the photocopier is, who the kids are, where I'm supposed to be, who is who, what is what and what the heck my part in all of it is – and have to hit the ground running – adventures ahoy!

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