Sunday, 2 May 2010

Betty Goes to School

Oh! I need a holiday!!

I knew the first week would be tough, and I was right. The fact that I'm still standing somehow is a miracle. I've had five years in which to learn how to slow down, after all – and now I need to start thinking and moving at warp speed again. Tough call.

My first class was surreal. Shakespeare. Macbeth, to be precise. My heart was thumping as the Head of English introduced me to the class. And then Teacher Betty took over. It was so weird! Within minutes I was Shakespearing - Macbething like a pro, as if the intervening five years of public service had never happened.

In the four school days of last week I think I did more work than I had in the previous four weeks – four months, even. It was non-stop – dashing from one class to the next; trying to put names to faces; trying to retrain my bladder to only need to pee at recess or lunchtime if I didn't have a playground duty (I spent a lot of last week wondering when the hell I would get a minute to pee!); trying to jump into the shoes of the bloke who had just left; trying to get used to the routines, the personalities, the huge administrative workload. I had parent teacher interviews on Thursday night, playground duties on Thursday and Friday. I came home exhausted every afternoon, and by Friday was soooooo ready for the weekend! Pass the vitamins (and the Panadol!)

It's good to be back. I think.

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lemmiwinks said...

Oh but it's the best holidays in the business ;-) Yeah right, 'cause you frikkin' need them! My dad was a teacher, and the prospect of a working life filled with homework was more than sufficient to put me off.

Good on you though Betty, I hope you enjoy your new/renewed career!