Monday, 3 October 2011

A New Mallacoota Adventure

White-out in Mallacoota - the inlet has disappeared into the rain!
To everyone who was wondering whether I was dead or alive - I'm alive, although another killer term has taken its toll. I couldn't even contemplate blogging last term (and I'm sure everyone's sick of my moaning anyway!) So - the term is O-V-E-R. I'm older, crankier, more stressed... The wrinkles are deepening with every new parent-teacher night and every after-school meeting - but it's holiday time now and I've brought my battle-fatigue (and my Year 12 references) to beautiful Mallacoota to destress - and to embark on what might be a massively Huge adventure with a capital HUGE!
New aftermarket screen
 This was Piglet’s first ride to Mallacoota, and we came via Bombala and Cann River, dodging echidnas and foxes on the road. It was cold and wet, but Piglet was a real trouper. I loaded him up with a couple of Andy Strapz AA bags that Pisshead Pete let me borrow. They didn't hold as much as I'd hoped, so I had to leave some stuff behind (note to self: buy an Andy Strapz A Bag.)

The aftermarket screen I fitted has made a world of difference - no buffeting! - although I found my shoulders and thighs sore by the time I got here. I really need to build up some ride-fitness. Well, fitness of any sort, really - I did my walk into town, wandered around some of the residential areas having a stickybeak, and back to Adobe yesterday. My first proper walk since my accident in March, and 12kms may have been a little excessive - pelvis and knees were fine, but Oh My Aching Feet! They just wanted to drop off and limp away, except they didn't have the energy...

At the moment, outside the flat, there’s total white-out. The lake has disappeared into the rain. It’s been like that, on and off, since Saturday, so I haven't been bushwalking or bird-watching. I have, however, been looking at other things. Houses.

I’ve been coming here once or twice a year for the last five years now. Every time I arrive it takes my breath away, and every time I leave it breaks my heart. So this time I’m on a mission - I'm looking for a house to buy.

Yep, ol’ Betty’s looking for a sea-change, or a tree-change (you can have both in Mallacoota) – and you know what? I’m really kind of scared! Scared of the mega financial commitment; scared of change; scared of leaping into what could be an abyss. I’m a single woman of 52 with a mortgage, a motorcycle and a job that’s killing me. I want Something Else, and that something is, I think, here in Mallacoota – a daggy little fishing town that has barely changed in 40 years, teeming with birdlife and wildlife, with stunning beach and inlet views, fertile, grow-anything soil, and  not a traffic light for about 70kms. (No McDonalds, no movies, no shopping malls… wow).  I’m a little nervous about the whole thing. 

But I’m going to do it. What’s the worst that can happen?


Raftnn said...

Exciting times....good luck.

Geoff James said...

Hi Sue - great to see you back!

It's funny how doors open when you're least expecting it and I'm sure it will happen or you'll make it happen. In the meantime, enjoy your rides and how good it is to be in the saddle again!

Take care....

AndrewM said...

Very brave, Sue. Good luck.

Ummmm - you have been in Mallacoota in January when it is cheek-by-jowl with Melburnians, haven't you?

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments folks - I've missed blogging - the franticity (that's a Bettyism, btw) of the last term drove all else from my mind.

@Geoff - being back in the saddle is fabulous, apart from the lack of ride-fitness! Piglet is a great ride, and my new helmet is far more comfortable (and less noisy) than the Helmet from Hell that I had before.

@Andrew - yes, I believe December/Jan is chockers here - perhaps that would be the time to visit Canberra, heh heh, and rent out my Mallacoota house to holidaymakers for a vast sum - to help with the mortgage...

lemmiwinks said...

If, like the rest of Mallacoota, the house prices haven't changed in 40 years then I don't see any real problems. If in the last 10 years they've spiked horrifically like the rest of Australia (borrowing growth from the future), then...

Either way, I wish you all the best!

dunc said...

was wondering where the posting had gone
thought you might have been out on the bike enjoying to muchfun

you might find it warmer on the coast for riding all year round instead of cold canberra

glad to hear your posting again

Jess said...

Hi Betty,
im new to this page, how is your big new adventure going?? You sound very brave indeed!!
I have been going to mallacoota for 29 years and its my dream to one day live there! It just so beautiful with a real community feel not to mention lucy's dumpling and the fishing and sunsets! You lucky thing....
Let us know what it is like being a local at mallacoota, let us in on local info! as I have only been there during summer and my anticipation as to what it would be like to live here! I would love to raise children here and i just can't wait!! Also do you know if there is any long term rental properties there? this is hard to find!!
Good luck and have fun!!
Jess :)

Sue said...

Hi Jess - great to hear from you - thanks for taking the time to comment.

I've tried Mallacoota at all times of year, including the dead of winter - which isn't too bad - but then, I live in Canberra, and we're not known for the mildness of our winters here! I think the absolutely most perfect time in Mallacoota is around September/ October when the whole place smells of flowers :-)

I'm not sure how hard it is to find long term rental in Mallacoota. Edna Brady Real Estate would be your best bet, I think. I believe the average rental is about $200-220pw.

I can't wait to be a proper full-time local!