Monday, 8 October 2012

Kitteh Therapeh

When you get to a certain age, you realise that a lot of the things you acquire may be the last ever…. for example, 'this will probably be the last set of saucepans I ever buy’ (bad example, they’re supposed to last a lifetime anyway, aren’t they?) Um…. how about ‘this will be the last new motorcycle I ever buy’, or ‘this will be the last new bed that I ever buy.’?

Anyway…. it’s why I splurged on a DeLonghi kettle a couple of months ago. It was horrendously expensive, even though I bought it on special, but I figured it was my last and only chance to own a superb bit of water-boiling kit. OMG that is soooo ‘first-world’ and I blush with first-world embarrassment.

Anyway, for a while I wondered whether it was weird to be so in love with an electrical appliance – but I so admired its drip-free spout, its gorgeous red enamel finish, its beautiful curves – it’s an aesthetic and functional masterpiece. 

But that love was nothing compared to this one…

I know I said I would never have another cat. When I said goodbye to my dear old demented Miffy, 18 months ago, I believed it. I meant it right up until Saturday, when I locked eyeballs with an adorable little grey and white kitten.

Not sure what it is about me and grey & white cats.... but Basil (as he's now called) is my third...

Basil was only 6 weeks and 2 days old.  I suspect he was a little young to have been in a pet shop, or anywhere away from his mummy. However, he could crunch dry food, lap water from a bowl and use a litter-tray, and I suppose that’s all that pet shops insist upon. So I rescued him. (Steve & Sara rescued one of his brothers at the same time.)

Basil and I have hit the jackpot. He has a mummy-surrogate who adores him, and I have a cat. Probably the last cat I will ever have (although I’m learning never to say ‘never’).

Until now I’ve never had a cat that willingly travelled in a car. Basil, however, loves it. He relaxes, looks out the window and goes to sleep, supremely comfortable. The day after I acquired him, he and I drove to Mallacoota, which was a huge road-trip for a tiny little cat. I’m going to keep taking him for daily drives, and will introduce him to Piglet soon. A Harley-kitty is my dearest dream.
Chillin' in the back of the car

After a wee stop at Cooma, chillin' in the (open) kitteh cage
He has the tiniest squeak, and he (so far) only uses it as a distress call. He’s alert, playful, inquisitive and supremely snuggly. He drops off to sleep in the middle of things. He springs and bounces, all feet off the ground, as kittens do, and he seems game for anything. I’m hopelessly, hopelessly in love.
Chillin' in the armchair in Mallacoota

Kitteh therapeh is the best!


Geoff James said...

Good for you Sue. It may hurt beyond belief when we lose one of our feline friends but with the affection and company they give over the years, it's a price willingly paid.

BTW, our white cat, Henry, adored travelling in cars and grinning out at the vehicles following us!

Velocipete said...

Grey cats go with anything Shines. Grey and red is a good combo so Basil will fit in nicely with the De Longhi.
Good for you I hope soon you will find a Manuel and then Mallacoota will never be the same.
Peter G

Trobairitz said...

Oh he is so stinking cute. I can't wait to see more pictures of little Basil.

Wait until he grows up to be a big Basil like my kitty. He is named Basil too.

Oh and that is a pretty nice kettle too.

Sue said...

It's amazing how his (very cheeky) personality is coming out as he gets more comfortable and confident. I'm sure he's grown already, too. I've been taking him for a little drive in the car each day, to make sure he stays comfortable with car-travel. Am trying to discourage him from nibbling at electrical cords, which seem to be his preferred 'toy' at the moment.

Sue Hines said...

Basil is beautiful. I will have another cat one day ....

Sue said...

Hi Sue - yes, the value of kitteh therapy cannot be underestimated. I can;t imagine being without Basil now - he is growing into a very handsome cat, and his funny little quirks crack me up.