Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Birds in my garden - a list

Eastern whipbird enjoying a bath

Living on the outskirts of a tiny town nestled in a national park is an awesome experience.

I was explaining to an old high school friend, who lives in an inner suburb of Sydney, why I was having a cat-palace built, and my explanation about wanting to protect the birdlife may not have sounded particularly convincing to an urban-dweller in a place the size of Sydney. 

So, Fernando - this list is for you. These are the birds I'm relatively certain about. There are some others that I haven't managed to identify yet. By the time I get my binoculars out they've usually nicked off - but I've done the best I can to ID them using my handy Simpson & Day Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. I've made a point of only mentioning the birds I've seen in my garden or flying over it. Elsewhere in Mallacoota I've seen a wonderful variety of birds that don't get to my yard! (or at least, I haven't seen any so far!)

The birds here aren't terribly street-wise. I'm always surprised how close they let me get with my phone-camera - look at this little fellow:

I suspect they haven't yet learned to be afraid, because most Mallacoota folk love birds, build bird-feeders to attract them, spend a fortune on birdseed etc, ha ha! I would hate to ruin the trust that has flourished between the feathered folk and the rest of us here by letting Basil do what cats love to do best.

One thing I'm learning as I get older is that balance is so very important, so I'm balancing my need for a kitteh with the need to respect the natural world in this magnificent place.

Anyway - here's the list!

Regular visitors
Rainbow lorikeet
Crimson rosella
Australian king Parrot
Red brow finch 
Superb fairy wren
New Holland honeyeater
Eastern spinebill
Satin bowerbird
Eastern yellow robin
Little wattlebird
Red wattlebird
Common bronzewing pigeon
Wonga pigeon
White-headed pigeon
Grey fantail
Australian wood duck
Eastern whipbird
Australian Magpie
Pied currawong
(type unclear) swallow
Common blackbird
Willie wagtail
Lewin's honeyeater
Grey shrike-thrush
White-browed Scrubwren
Australian White Ibis (not a regular)
Australian owlet nightjar

Whistling kite
Black kite
Wedge-tailed eagle
(possibly) Little Eagle
Glossy black cockatoo
Australian raven



Trobairitz said...

Wow, that is a long list of birds.

We see only about a dozen different types in our yard is my guess. We are lucky in that we have a very lazy kitteh in Basil. And he is not stealthy by any means so the birds get a lot of warning.

Only 1 bird in 8 years and we think it may have hit a window and he picked it up.

Sue said...

Oh, I'm SO glad your Basil provides a bit of a balance to my Basil, who, it appears, is a natural born killer (noooooo!) He's quick, silent and deadly - and has such FUN! (it's awful...) He caught a little redbrow finch that strayed INTO the palace precincts via the ceiling mesh... I was mortified... and couldn't watch as he crunched its tiny bones. Savage little bugger. I hope there won't be any more...