Thursday, 30 July 2009

Signs of Life in the UK

I made the observation yesterday that the Brits seem to have perfected the art of not making eye contact. Just to annoy them, I've made a point of smiling at everybody (even those who look like axe-murderers) and saying hello, and mostly, people have been looking the other way – apart from a Muslim couple, an Asian lady and a probable axe-murderer (and two other notable exceptions – Glen and Berni – I'll tell you all about them later). I will continue my relentless campaign of friendliness if it kills me!

Thelma has caught a sniffle – no doubt from those germy people on the plane, who coughed and sneezed their pestilence into the fake air of QF1 all the way from Sydney to London. I went shopping for some medicinal red wine yesterday, and ended up having an adventure!

But first - I found some fabulous signs around the place that I want to share:

This one – telling it like it is – I love it!

And in the supermarket – Jerk marinade - for the Jerk in everybody's life!

I was overwhelmed by the abundance and variety of supermarket trolleys:

And the irony of this appealed to my warped sense of humour – the British Racing School is near the village of Snailwell.

So anyway, coming back from the supermarket I managed to get lost – and very nearly ended up in Snailwell! What an adventure – when I realised the road I was on was not getting any closer to the road I had hoped it would turn onto, I knocked on the door of a house at the front of the British Racing School. The door was opened by a nice young man.

'Hello', I said. 'I'm a stupid tourist, and I think I've got myself lost. I managed to get all the way from Australia to here, but I got lost on the way home from the bloody supermarket!'

The nice young man, whose name was Glen, is a teacher at the British Racing School, and he very kindly drove me back to the Bedford Lodge – what a knight in shining armour!

Today, Thelma and I went back to visit our new best friend, Berni. We met Berni yesterday when we wandered into her fabulous shop, Vintage Angel, in Newmarket. I bought a splendidly blingy top (which will feature in tomorrow's blog post) and Thelma bought a little figure-hugging dress (perfect for her, as she has a little figure).

We visited Berni today to tell her about our latest adventures and to take a photo:

And she gave me this lovely lovely card (made by her) and gave Thelma a Goddess Card reading to help heal her broken heart.
So there you are. Clearly, it's only some Brits who have perfected the art of not making eye contact – people like Glen and Berni are British treasures!

OH - before I forget - here's today's HOTD (Hat of the Day) - modelled by Miz Thelma, it's known simply as G Garb 4.

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