Thursday, 23 July 2009

Learning to fly - new phones for Betty & Thelma

We sophisticated international jet-setters like to look the part, so Thelma and I have got new phones. We are so 'now', we're loving ourselves to death.

I have a Samsung F480. It's very hip. Unfortunately, I am getting to the age where the word 'hip' is usually uttered in relation to major surgery, so it's no wonder I can't use my phone! It needs a pilot's licence (or a teenager) to drive it.

Thelma has been having problems with one of her eyes, so of course she bought herself an eye-phone... And when she plugged it in, it didn't do anything. So she phoned me, because I'm the Sensible One, and besides, I'd already spent three hours on the phone to Tech Support, trying to make my phone send and receive emails. (Don't tell Thelma, but I couldn't even remember where the on/off switch was - very embarrassing - while "Tiffany", the nice foreign lady from Tech Support waited patiently at the other end of the line for the screaming to subside.)

I'm so good at using my phone now that I only cry a little bit if I can't find my instruction booklet (an improvement on the way I was last week, when I wanted to throw the lot out the window, assume the foetal position and sob uncontrollably). Having the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Samsung, however, didn't make me a Master of anything eye-Phone, and Thelma was flung to some Tech Support gurus of her own.

She must've got her PhD in eye-phone now, though, because she sent me an email a little while ago, proudly announcing 'sent from my iPhone'!

We are sooooo savvy.


Sarah said...

y'all are so savvy i'm frightened

lemmiwinks said...

I got a free hand-me-down/pity phone the other day. It's an O2 XDA Atom from the deep dark depths of 2005/6 but it's got a touch screen!!1!