Tuesday, 30 March 2010

This little piggy went ennui ennui ennui...

It seems rather a long time since I said anything about my job situation. It still sucks. Didn’t even get an interview for the first teaching position I went for – not even an interview!

The ‘other government department’ I’d applied to back in January was resolutely silent. (Turns out, when I phoned them after weeks and weeks of silence, that they’d apparently undergone a restructure, and somehow neglected to tell me that the position was no longer available… Unfortunately, that is very typical Public Service stuff…) So anyway, I applied to another school, and BINGO – got an interview! A very positive interview it was, too, and I felt good about it until I heard, about a week later, from an ‘inside source’, that the boss wanted to hire someone else – someone who didn’t wear bike gear to a ride-in ride-out 45 minute interview at an unfamiliar place in the middle of a work day.

And then my inside source said, a few days later, after much intense lobbying, that things were looking a little more optimistic. That was last Thursday. There’s been a deathly silence since then, and you know what? I’m kind of over it. Do I really want to work for someone who’s silly enough to think that I would turn up in a classroom looking like some kind of Hell’s Angel? (and, quite apart from anything else, is more concerned about the way I might dress than the way I teach?)

So, as my optimism fades and I start looking forward to my next ride to Phillip Island, I wonder how to beat the ennui that characterises my current job. And the distinct lack of prospects that accompany said ennui.

Yet another government dept has shown a flicker of interest in me – no more money than I’m currently earning, but a change of scenery would be nice – the possibility of promotion at some later stage - and a transfer of leave benefits/superannuation and all that jazz… I think I shall encourage that flicker and see if I can fan it into a flame.

Watch this space. Again.

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