Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Beanz - now with meatballs

The title of this post is a quote from Dave at Bruce's Motorcycle Repairs. He calls me Miss Beanz (coz Beanz Meanz Heinz, remember?) And those meatballs he's talking about? They're not just meatballs - they're red hot Cajun meatballs.

The boys at Bruce's gave the Crow his 1000km service today - and installed a Yoshimura muffler. Here's a before & after shot:
Before, with stock muffler

After, with carbon-fibre oval Yoshi slip-on

How hot does this look? (Hint: the correct answer is 'red hot Cajun hot').

And if you think it looks hot, you ought to hear it! It's not that it's loud, as such, because it isn't - it has its baffle securely bolted in. But the note of the exhaust has changed completely. The Yoshi grabs that lovely natural V-twin double-throb by the goolies and gives it a giant hit of testosterone. The Crow's voice dropped an octave today and turned into a deep, throaty growl. My new bike is now the two-wheeled equivalent of a full-on hairy-chested alpha male.

I'm in love.


Nikos said...
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Nikos said...

Dear Sue

I thoroughly approve!

Fondest regards,
Nick • eats • Meatballs
Nikos World

Sue said...

Thanks Nikos!

Oooh, just had a look at your blog! Will send the URL to my bloke, who has a lot of the same interests as you, it appears!

Merry thingummies, btw :-) Hope you're not snowed in, the way most of my UK rellies/friends seem to be! And of course, if you ARE snowed in - hope you have a good stash of meatballs to tide you over till Spring!!! Cheers!

epicmac said...

You have to release the v-twin music.