Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Rise of the Tyrant Miffy

It's 4am. I am wide awake. Why am I awake, and why have I given up on the idea of getting back to sleep?

[Dramatic music]

The Tyrant Miffy is on the warpath. I am blogging in order to resist doing her evil bidding at this ungodly hour, and also to avoid strangling her.

I know now why the dear, late Oscar Bin Laden used to wallop her, every chance he got. And I always thought he was picking on her. (Sorry, Oscar I misunderstood. Mea culpa.) He was merely keeping her in line.

Miffy, it has emerged, doesn't have an OFF switch when it comes to food. And she can't tell the time. She also gets stuck in petulant, querulous geriatric mode, yowling at odd and unreasonable hours of the night, like 3.27am. Like this morning.


No, Miffy, I will not feed you. You were fed at 5pm. You will be fed again at 5am. You already look like a small planet.

Besides, I know that after she has had a few nibbles of breakfast, she will stalk down the hallway and sit in the bathroom doorway. She will yowl loudly and angrily and repeatedly. And, being in the bathroom, it will have a bit of an echo.


This means “Turn on the tap in the bath so I can haul my arthritic arse in there and drink the tastiest water in the house, even though there's a bowl of fresh water right next to my food bowl. Do it, and DO IT NOW, MINION!”

See, it isn't about water. It's about power. Miffy is absolutely relishing her 'only child' status since the demise of poor Oscar. She's loving it. After 16 years of 'Omega Cat' status, she is in the Power Seat. I am the new Omega Cat.

After the water will come the most humiliating (for me) flexing of her feline muscle. She will yowl in the middle of the hallway, loudly and querulously. And non-stop. Her pointy little nose will point meaningfully in the direction of the armchair in the corner of the living room. Behind that chair is the litter tray I hurriedly bought because a certain geriatric cat had decided it was a good place to pee, rather than outdoors where she had spent a lifetime peeing.

She will be saying, very clearly,


After I move the armchair out of the way and haul my arthritic arse into the small space behind it, and scratch about in the kitty litter with my trusty pooper scooper, she will mosey on over, inspect the tray, then smugly wander off.

It's no wonder Oscar used to bash her.

And it's why I'm blogging at 4am.


Patricia said...

Poor Miffy; she has cat alzheimers. Or at least the synptoms seem the same. Did I have my tea? I can't remember; I think I'll call for more!

Julie said...

Poor old thing - and she's probably missing Oscar too, regardless of how much they didn't get on.

Earplugs, hunny.

Sue said...

Grrlz, I think you're right. Feline dementia? Probably... Physically, Miffy's been fine since she had her stroke a few months ago, but I think there have been some neurological changes...sad, frustrating - downright bloody infuriating... but what can you do, really? (PUT HER TO SLEEP, says a cranky and sleep-deprived part of me)...I've tried earplugs, Jules, and they huet like hell. I guess I have to keep being nice to Miffy...perhaps just chuck the occasional cushion at her when she yowls at ungodly hours... and love her until Nature takes its course. She's a dear old thing.

Peter Gamble said...

Shines.I'm with Julie, Miffy is miffed that OBL departed this mortal coil.
Perhaps a kitten?
Miff will either love it or eat it. At least you will get one night's sleep.