Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Betty goes postal!

My extended absence from the blogosphere may have been mistakenly interpreted to mean that I had nothing to write about – wrong!!! I’ve been frantically engaged in developing ‘income streams’ (what a wanky term that is!) earning a living, socialising and trying to relax when I can.

Reality check time. There are some rather creaky limbs in my family tree and I think that’s the root of my problems, dammit. All my other systems are disgustingly healthy, but my joints have let me down rather badly. BIG SIGH.

Many weeks back, in my role as Faithful Sidekick to TJ (a local cleaning contractor) I took over so that TJ could have a well-earned break for the first time in a year. Coincidentally, I’d just scored a casual gig at the local Post Office, sorting mail. Oops! All of a sudden I spent the mornings at the Post Office and the remaining daylight hours (yes, all of them!) cleaning holiday houses, cabins and commercial premises.

The consequence? Exhaustion and cripplitude. Not that I’m complaining. This is the time of year in Mallacoota when employment is hard to come by, and I was embarrassingly over-employed. I even had to knock back a couple of days of teaching!

The toll on my ageing body, however, has been a bit dramatic. Sleepless hours of agonising aches really suck elephant bums. So…. After TJ returned, I pulled back a bit from the unrelenting dunny-cleaning/shower-scrubbing/floor-mopping/bed-changing treadmill. After a few days I could sleep properly and walk normally again, and hold a knife and fork without experiencing electric shocks sizzling up and down my arms (YARK!!!)

So…. I’ve had to be sensible, and limit the amount of cleaning work I do. Of course, I can’t possibly live on the earnings from 3 or 4 hours of cleaning each week, so……

Betty’s gone postal! *maniacal laughter* Look out, world! My steady work at the moment is at the Post Office, and I’m loving it. I'm working the counter as well as mail-sorting - a very steep learning-curve. Post Offices do so many different things. I’m getting to know the people around town, I don’t have to take work home and it’s a steady income. I work with lovely people and I knock off around the middle of the day – and I don’t have to make bloody BUNK BEDS all the time! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


Trobairitz said...

Wow, you have been busy. The post office gig sounds pretty sweet and a little easier on the joints too.

And after than bunk bed comment I have to ask - how many times have you smacked your head on the upper bunk while trying to make the lower? I'm thinking if it were me, it be a few times for each bunk bed.

Sue said...

Oh, don't get me started on bunk beds! They were clearly invented by someone who would NEVER have to make them! I would be quite happy to live the rest of my life without ever seeing another bunk bed (and especially never MAKING another bunk bed!) but alas, I fear there will still be a few in my future. BIG YUK! After making a bunk bed (start with the top, finish with the bottom) I'm usually bent like a pretzel - and it takes me quite a while to straighten up again - aaaaaaaaaargh!

lemmiwinks said...

Electric shock feelings in the arms? Yikes! Do you know what the cause is? I prescribe more (or less, depending) red wine (drank rather too much Wild Oats Cab Merlot at a wedding last week but it was bloody delicious, no idea of cost though) and Voltaren Emulgel ;-)

Good to hear about your post office gig. No longer biker betty but, err, postlady pat? Nah, doesn't work.