Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The view from the office...

Armed and dangerous, and ready for the best views from whichever 'office'
I happen to be calling home for a couple of hours. So - why so serious??? 

I used to think I had a fabulous view from Level 6 in Infrastructure House in Canberra. I did. The Canberra skyline gave way to a view of the Brindabellas that was quite a restorative when I got into wrist-slashing mode during weekly reporting time. It was pretty damned good, I have to say.As lovely as it was, though, it was the same view every day, even allowing for variations in the time of day/season/weather.

My view from work these days, however, leaves that view  (those views???) for dead. As pictures speak louder than words, this will be a pictorial post. Try not to be too envious!

The view of the back yard at Bruce's 'Fisherman's Cottage'.
This is what I see if I look up from cleaning the dunny.  Noice.

Flat 6, Bruce's Waterside Flats



'Coota Views' (downstairs)
'Coota Views' (downstairs)

'Coota Views' (upstairs kitchen) Imagine seeing this every time you put the kettle on!

'Chez Tredgold'
'Chez Tredgold' again


'Sylvan Waters'

Adobe Mudbrick Holiday Fats

Adobe Mudbrick Flats again
 So anyway - my extremely hard life is probably making you cry into your coffee, so I'll stop now. Sorry folks... Have a good one! 


Trobairitz said...

Cry into my coffee indeed. Beautiful views.

You don't want to see the view from my office window, lest you die of laughter at the dull businesses across the street.

Sue said...

It could be worse, I suppose. I've worked in a couple of places where I had zero access to natural light. Couldn't tell whether it was day or night in there. THAT was miserable. I hope your view of dull businesses on the other side of the street at least gives you an opportunity for a bit of people-watching.

lemmiwinks said...

Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over all the noise as I was frolicking, Scrooge McDuck like in my big pile of money ;-)

Sue said...

Hmm, money.... I've forgotten what that looks like!