Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Cry for Help


Too late for Bastion Point? I hope not. The bulldozers moved in on Remembrance Day, but the breakwall's not built yet - it takes more than 3 days to build a
3 metre high, 130 metre long breakwall,
a road ON THE BEACH and a
200-car carpark
in a wilderness area
 - so there's still time.

Please PLEASE sign this petition if you haven't already.

This very dodgy piece of environmental vandalism came close to murder the other day, when earthmoving machines came within metres of a very brave, very passionate protester, and refused to stop. Here's the footage:

It remains a mystery how Option 3b (the most environmentally destructive) option of those tabled, was ever given approval. It smells, people - it smells very bad.

Mallacoota is a beautiful place - a tiny town on the wilderness coast of Victoria. A town where 88% of the community oppose the project.

Have a look at the Save Bastion Point website - read the story of the protracted battle for Bastion Point, and PLEASE - sign the petition before yet another piece of wilderness is destroyed forever in the interests of the mighty dollar.


AndrewM said...

In the 1970's young members of the ALP lay down in front of the bulldozers to protest the construction of Black Mountain Tower in Canberra. An exercise in bonding, it would appear, since they achieved nothing else. Black Mountain was a nature reserve, and a case against the Tower (supported by the NCDC) was taken as far as the High Court but all to no avail.

It seems the more ridiculous and inappropriate the development proposal, the more likely it is to proceed.

Trobairitz said...

Yikes. It sounds like this is all for money. What other reason can there be for someone to harm the environment other than to line someone's pockets. And even then it isn't a good excuse/reason.