Saturday, 2 November 2013

Queensland – beautiful one day...: a Rant

This is quite a horror story. Except it’s true.

Once upon a time, a little man called Campbell Newman became Premier of Queensland (a state with a colourful history of, erm, characters in its political sphere). The little man, with a zealot’s gleam in his eye, declared that he was going to address the ‘bikie threat’ in his state after a brawl on the Gold Coast one day.

By ‘bikies’, of course, he was referring to approximately one percent of motorcyclists. In the blink of an eye, henchman VLAD hit the front pages. Does Little Campbell have an ad-man giving legislation cool and punchy names that can be turned into cool and punchy acronyms? Vlad the Impaler, another colourful historical character, would be proud. Anyway - the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013 (which makes no mention of bikies per se – remember that, coz it could attack an 'Association' near you any time it wants) is a scary bit of legislative kit that attacks basic freedoms that Aussies hold dear.

Little Campbell, in a shameless grab for the approval of the Common Voter (who we know must be a bit dim, given the fact that they voted the fascist in in the first place), declared there would be a special hell for bikies – their own uber-tough gaol and extra-special sentencing rules for bikies for the crimes they commit.

Now, I’m all for criminals being punished for their crimes. What I’m NOT for is ill-conceived legislation pushed onto an ignorant public and supported by an ignorant police force who can’t tell one bloody motorcyclist from the next.

Things have snowballed, as they tend to do.
  • Queensland police have been harassing ordinary recreational motorcyclists on their group rides, and now – unbelievably – there’s talk of setting up a police hotline that ‘law-abiding’ motorcyclists can call to register their rides and thus avoid harassment for riding their perfectly legal modes of transportation, paid for and registered to ride on the roads they’ve paid taxes for.  
  • A bloke wearing a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt was questioned by police, who thought the guy was an outlaw bikie, rather than a fan of a television show. (!!!???)
  • Police RAIDED a meeting of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club and a police spin-doctor (probably the cousin of the VLAD acronym guy) said that the raid was part of a strategy to BUILD RAPPORT with decent law-abiding motorcyclists.
  • If interstate service stations etc could kindly provide Little Campbell’s stormtroopers with video footage of naughty Qld bikies associating interstate, aforementioned bikies could still be ‘done’ in Queensland for illegal behaviour (presumably, going for a ride together and stopping for petrol.) The long arm of VLAD could stretch forever, really.
 If this isn’t scaring you yet – it’s not a story. It’s real, it’s true, it’s happening right now. What follows, however, is pure imagination:

Little Campbell was well pleased with the effect VLAD was having. Motorcyclists were fleeing Queensland in droves. Small towns all over the place were going broke because the streams of touring motorcyclists – who tend to shun highways for quieter, more scenic, more ENJOYABLE roads and out-of-the-way locations – were no longer visiting and boosting local economies. You know, all those cafes, bakeries, pubs and motels in all those interesting little places that get-there-fast motorists can’t be bothered going to…

But it wasn’t enough. There was still crime in Queensland. Little Campbell wondered why - after all, he’d got rid of the bikies. VLAD would have to work harder. Little Campbell sent him forth, into ethnic communities, which everybody knows are seething hotbeds of terrorism, organised crime and soccer. And VLAD also went into the universities, where dissent is traditionally seeded by the wicked intelligentsia. Schools, as the breeding grounds for universities, were not impervious to the long arm of VLAD (Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast got special attention, and not just because of the hordes of drunken nubile girls who attended it every year). Oh, and workers’ unions - they came in for super-scrutiny, because they’re full of bolshie bastards. Even the churches were not immune (well, some of them, anyway, especially if they wore identifying outfits/headgear).

Meanwhile, the corporate fraudsters, crooked pollies and other real criminals were having a field day. Everybody else in Queensland had a yellow star and was under constant surveillance by VLAD’s stormtroopers (who were not averse to taking a kickback or two themselves, if history has taught us anything). And Little Campbell saw the fruits of his labours and, well, that was that really. Queensland – beautiful one day, police-state the next.

When other premiers in other states saw what fun Little Campbell was having, they decided to join in. ‘Ban the bikies!’ replaced ‘Advance Australia Fair’ and that, my dears, is how the whole beautiful country went to hell in a handbasket. A select few lived happily ever after. 

Shades of Europe, circa 1935? You bet. Be afraid. Don’t let it happen here – PLEASE!

I’ll end this rant with a poem I scribbled, because I need to lower my blood pressure now, and fiddling about with rhyme and metre always calms me down.

A southern biker contemplates the Queensland ‘anti-bikie’ law

There was trouble up in Queensland for the word had passed around
That new laws regarding bikies would be tight
So a simple threesome riding all together could be stopped
By a roadside copper looking for a fight.

‘Outlaw’ bikers started squirming, some were fired from their jobs
Many quit their outlaw gangs in abject fear
Coz a charge that gets a normal bloke banged up for eighteen months
For an outlaw bikie could be fifteen years

So they chucked away their colours and they looked like all of us
Who go riding just for pleasure on weekends
But the cops can’t tell the diff between one biker and the next
And they started hassling me and all my friends.

To those who say that innocence should mean no need to fear
I suggest you take your heads out of the sand
Coz today it’s only bikies, just the thin end of the wedge
But tomorrow YOU might cop the heavy hand
Of the lawman on a power trip, a government regime
Bent on plundering the freedoms that we treasure
And the coppers could be hassling you for being with your mates
Protest NOW before the law curtails your leisure!

For more perspective and news on this scary development, go to:
and a new one:

Explanatory notes attached to VLAD: This is extremely interesting. I especially like this paragraph (my italics) for what it says about justification of the "jackboot-method" with which VLAD was inflicted upon Queensland.
Consultation has occurred within Government. Wider consultation has not been
possible because of the need to respond urgently
to the significant public threat these
associations pose in Queensland."



Trobairitz said...

Yikes. It always angers me when people can't tell the difference between the 1% bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Worse when it is those in power.

Let's hope people can rally and vote the guy out or somehow get the laws/policies changed.

Sue said...

There are some truly unbelievable things happening - how's this: a bikie who's doing time for drug trafficking (yes, fair enough) has suddenly been put into solitary confinement since VLAD - despite having been a model prisoner while he's been 'inside' for the last 8 years. He didn't actually do anything, but because he's a bikie they changed the rules. It's the second case I've heard of. Talk about blatant discrimination. Aaargh!

AndrewM said...

The VVMC has had social connections in the past with the Rebels and Odin's Warriors, 2 of the OMG that actually have motorcycles. Police were at pains to stress that it wasn't a raid, it was a 'visit', probably for something like 'capability building in respect of compliance issues.' That's why it took 20 officers in 7 squad cars. 'Visit' my arse.

Chiller tek said...

This new Hilter esk legislation is downright sh!thouse. So much for Australia being the lucky country.
May as well raise up the new Queensland flag, the swass sticka.

I have signed up a petition against this madness, becuase if this stuff is now law in Queensland it soon spread to every other state then we will all be doomed.

I signed up here against this:

Sue said...

Good one. I signed it too. At the very least, Little Campbell and his mates will be starting to realise they've bitten off rather a large mouthful. They were rabbitting on about 'bikie war', but it seems to me that they're the ones starting it!