Tuesday, 6 January 2015

High Summer and Mellow Cello

Mallacoota in high summer is a funny place, 
an off-the-scale high-intensity sudden-onset rat-race.
Summer lovin', beach and camp park romance, some high finance
As the town explodes with campers fishers families cyclists lycra spandex tie-dye spenders
Walkers, talkers, 
and acres of seared red flesh.
Saturday markets every week for a whole month -
now that's really a treat to wear out your feet
to meet and greet the friends and neighbours
whose labours through the year bear fruit
and soap and pottery it's such a lottery
will people buy your tie-dye before they say goodbye?
In the daze, the heat haze, you gaze and are amazed
on the stage an oasis of mellow
a cello
a live-looping muso a true virtuoso
arrives on a bicycle cool as an icicle
enchanting the crowd entertaining without straining
the lure of Mallacoota

Vagabond cellist Kristin Rule treating us to some mellow cello live-looping at Mallacoota summer markets. Like a lot of other people, Kristin fell in love with Mallacoota while travelling through, and decided to settle here. Lucky Mallacoota, I reckon. Read Kristin's story at The Unconventional Cellist 


Clem Doherty said...

Beat-poet Betty!

(I read that in the voice of Raymond J. Bartholomeuz [Brian Nankervis] from Hey Hey it's Saturday)

Sue said...

oooh Clem, I like the sound of that :-) *Betty cocks an ear for the bongos of Maynard G Krebs*

Trobairitz said...

I enjoyed the poem, although I kept thinking of it as a rap song for some reason.

Sue said...

I think it can be whatever you want it to be, unless you want it to be a sonnet, in which case you'll be sorely disappointed ;-)

I confess, I had a bit of a rap thing in mind when I wrote it. (eep! does this mean I'm about to start listening to doof doof?)

lemmiwinks said...

I want it to be a Haiku! Damn non conformist poetry.

AndrewM said...

It's worse than that, Sue, it means you HAVE BEEN listening to doof, otherwise how could you mimic it so faithfully?

Sue said...

Well, there WAS that one time.... but it was The Streets' A Grand Don't Come for Free, so I don't feel too guilty...