Thursday, 1 January 2015 sands through the hourglass....

…another year slips away…
How? Where? Happy 2015, everybody!
Things I did this year –
Meet Miss Pollywobble

  • No motorcycling (whoops!)
  • Almost no blogging (whoops again!)
  • Filled out lots of forms and spent a lot of time on the phone waiting for someone from Centrelink to talk to me.
  • Adopted a three-legged kitten.
  • Became a grandma.
  • Did a little bit of cleaning.
  • Did a fair bit of teaching.
  • Did a tiny little bit of writing.
  • Did a lot of painting. My latest hobby is watercolours, and I actually sold a set of prints! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
A tail is an excellent counterbalance when you only have 3 legs.
My 'Owl & the Pussycat' series - now residing in London.

This year I resolve to
  • Make up my mind what to do about the Harley.
  • Teach 3 days a week. 
  • Keep designing, painting and making my greeting cards “Dreams of Indoor Cats” and “Pardon my Pardalote”.

As for the usual resolutions – to lose weight, drink less, keep my house tidy – all that stuff – well, I shan’t even bother with those this year (once they’ve been ignored 3 years in a row they are consigned to the rubbish heap of history, ha ha ha!)

Here’s to a fabulous 2015!


Rebecca Burnett said...

Happy New Year Shiney!

Trobairitz said...

Good to hear form you and know that 2014 treated you so well.

What an adorable kitty. I am glad she found you/you her.

And congrats on selling your watercolors. You have talent.

Take care and post when you can in the new year.

AndrewM said...

Happy New Year Sue. If you haven't ridden for a year you have already decided what you're going to do with the Harley, all you need to do is actually put it up for sale.

Sue said...

I'll try and post a bit more regularly this year, I really will!
Andrew, I suspect you may be right. The Piglet and I have never really 'bonded' in the way that I did with my other bikes. The big choice I face is this: Sell the Harley outright, give up motorcycles altogether and spend the money on a bathtub or something OR trade it in on a bike I will hopefully love and ride and not fall off...

lemmiwinks said...

Sue, Yamaha Scorpio Z 225cc (you'll have to go second hand). 10/10 would recommend and the look on the face of the bloke who thought (on a 650 no less) that he was going to get the smallest capacity trophy at the Ultraugural or whatever it was, was priceless. :-D

Sue said...

Lemmiwinks - seat height? I rather like the thought of a CB400 and have been making a few tentative enquiries. I recall a friend had a Scorpio and found it small/light/slow enough to be terrifying in windy weather and traffic... Will nonetheless put it on my list of things to keep an eye out for...

lemmiwinks said...

Oh it's definitely vertically challenged person friendly. As you know I'm not exactly svelte but mine happily sits on 110 should I so desire, don't expect much more though.

I don't really buy into the light bike = bad school of thought. I struggled a bit on the Hume heading to Goulburn, but it was very blustery and we were *planning* on avoiding the Hume altogether but someone forgot to take their disc lock off!

Anyway, not writing an advertorial for the Scorpio, just pointing out that small, cheap, light bikes are fun. Sorta looks like (for you at least) the big, expensive, heavy bike was maybe not so much :-)

AndrewM said...

Let me be contrarian: if you're looking for a LAMS bike with low seat height, at least go and sit on a Ducati 659 Monster. More power than you need, of course, but you have to wind it on to get it, and I'm sure you would find the ABS comforting. Plus it is heavy enough to not be bounced around by the wind or the road. $12,990 + ORC.

Sue said...

You long-leggedy types just don't get it... I'm not just on the short side - i also have short legs. A bad combination. Have tried sitting on a little Monster - no joy whatsoever 😣. Sat on a bonneville once that was nice and low, but the placement of the pegs meant i couldn't get my feet on the ground. Took the Piglet out yesterday and sort of enjoyed the ride (coming home was better as i was over my nerves by then...) will persevere with it but will also be on the lookout for something more "me".

AndrewM said...

There's a pretty linear relationship in road bikes (faired or unfaired) between engine capacity and seat height. The seat on the Ducati Monster 659 is 30mm lower than the seat on your old SV650 (800 mm),which is probably the limit of variation for that engine capacity. So if both of those are still too high then you are forced into either a small capacity road bike, as Lemmiwinks is suggesting, or a cruiser, which you already have. The seat height on a Honda CB400 is 770 mm (same as the Monster) and the only other competitor in that capacity (the Yamaha SR400) has a 785 mm seat height and no electric start. Plus it's stupid expensive for what it is.

lemmiwinks said...

Ooh! How about a Maxi Scooter like the Burghman or whatever it's called? 600cc is not to be sniffed at and they're looow.