Sunday, 13 September 2009

Getting the Toad on the Road

It's been a while. The Toad – Pete's Harley – has been sitting in his shed for a couple of years now. Sad. But all that's about to change! He'll be on the road in time to ride to Phillip Island for the motoGP, and yesterday was the first step in the great Get the Toad on the Road adventure.

I was up at sparrow's, and on the road by 6am, very excited about road-testing my new helmet - an Arai Vector. Pete was still fast asleep by the time I got there at about 10.15 - what a surprise, ha ha!

Seeing as the poor old Toad has been languishing in the shed for so long, Smack (he in Hobart, known for his evil t-shirts and his many Ducatis) decided Pete needed a bit of a kick-start with the job – pulling the trike apart is not a job for one person - so he sneakily engaged the help of some bike blokes from a net forum, BIKE ME!

So - Daytona Man, Spotted Quoll and Tim lobbed at Pete's place around the middle of the day and got the job well underway. Smack, the brains behind the operation, wasn't able to make it, so the rest of us ate the pea and ham soup he had requested. (I kept a couple of portions in the freezer for you Smack!)

There was much beer-witching and much hilarity. A bunch of blokes sitting in a shed, pulling a bike to bits, drinking beer and talking about – you guessed it, bikes – on a glorious sunny Saturday – does life get any better?

It will, as soon as Pete puts the bike back together again!

Thanks Smack, for being so sneaky ;-) and thanks guys, for your muscle, your know-how, your hard work and your good company!


lemmiwinks said...

You swines, you've stolen it's rear end!

What's wrong with the Road Toad?

Sue said...

Apart from being in a million pieces, you mean? heh heh. Well.... belt is broken, I know that much. A little welding will also be required on the frame that holds the box on the back. It was fascinating watching it all come apart! Glad I'm not the one who has to put it together again, but Pete seems to be looking forward to it!