Monday, 28 September 2009

When Weekends go Wrong...

It’s Monday and I have a worse than usual case of Mondayitis. I fact I’m in the foulest mood imaginable, despite the lovely view from work, of snow-laden Brindabellas.

Weekends are for recharging your batteries so that you can face the next working week refreshed and full of zing. Unfortunately, my zing has zung.

A horrid concatenation of events has left me feeling flatter than a beehive hairdo in a hail-storm.

Add the howling winds and icy rain that kept me off the bike all weekend to the temperatures hovering around 5-6C all weekend. Combine that with inadequate heating at home, a lack of comfort food and – the final straw – a 2.30am wake-up, courtesy of thinks-he’s-a-ninja-cat, Oscar bin Laden.

When I was a teacher, windy weather always brought out the devil in my students. They’d be off the scale naughty. It seems to have had the same effect on Oscar. How else to explain it?

There I was, actually asleep (I don’t sleep well at the best of times) at 2.30am.

Galumph galumph galumph… a blood-curdling yowl… and 6 kilos of thinks-he’s-a-ninja cat launches itself from the floor to my chest, landing with a thud that knocks the breath out of me and probably cracks my sternum. Thank god I’m under several layers of bedding in this freezing weather, or no doubt his razor-sharp ninja claws would’ve shredded my PJs and my delicate little self inside them.

Wide awake, I get my breath back, slow my racing heartbeat and nurse my bruised sternum. Thinks-he’s-a-ninja-cat has taken himself off somewhere to plot his next attack.

Not if I get him first.


lemmiwinks said...

What a bummer, sorry to hear it Betty. I flew to Sydney on Saturday, drinks at the Royal Automobile Club, wine and dinner at Wildfire, followed by a few quiet beers at some pub somewhere in the Rocks. Tame by stereotypical bucks night standards, but at least none of the vomit I was stepping over on George St was mine (and there was a not insignificant amount to be stepped over!) It's also just what the Dr ordered when you're flying home after 3 hours sleep.

Mind you, it was the most turbulent takeoff and landing I've ever experienced. Was feeling decidedly green, probably only the squeals of delight from the little kids in the row behind me prevented me disgracing myself.

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a great time (apart from the scary flight home). Can't imagine getting into a plane in that sort of weather...Is it cold up your way as well?

Next weekend will be better - I'm going on a motorbike adventure! Hope the snow from this weekend has gone by then!

lemmiwinks said...

It's bloody cold. Well, it's not that bad, but it's not shorts and t-shirt weather. The wind appears to be coming direct from the snow fields!

Ah, a long weekend motorcycle adventure! Is that Wintersun or has that already been? Either way, I look forward to a good tale when you get back :-)

Sue said...

Ah, Wintersun is but a distant memory now - that was back in June on the Queen's birthday weekend!
This weekend I'm going to my mate Katt's place for a girly weekend. Really looking forward to it - so the weather had better be reasonable! They're predicting 'showers'. Showers I can do ok - gale force winds, not so well... Watch this space for all the goss!

lemmiwinks said...

Ah, I never was much of a motorcycle rallyist. I think I've only been to two (BT's don't count as rallies).