Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pilgrimage 09 - Phillip Island MotoGP Part 2

Day Two – In Which the Disasters (and the rain) Continue

There was a certain reluctance to leave the warmth of Leo & Di's place on Friday morning, but leave we did, all rugged up against more rotten weather.

It's only a hundred and something kilometres from Warburton to the Island, on some lovely roads – which weren't quite so lovely in the piddling rain, but never mind. We wrung every drop of value out of it, with the XJ misbehaving worse than ever. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and eventually, in desperation, we pulled into a car park at Pakenham and Clem changed the spark plugs. Ooh, that worked. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Onwards and upwards, we made the Island by around mid-Friday and went our separate ways - Clem & gNat to Rockit's place, and me to Smack's. After the horrors of Thursday's ride I thought the worst was over, and promptly dropped the bike in the driveway of the house. Oops goes my new clutch lever, and oh dear, the gear shifter that had fallen off at Wang acquired a bit of a bend. As for me? Unscathed, apart from a whopping great lump on my shin and a shitload of damage to my pride.

The party people at the house were ready to rock and roll, and a night in Cowes just about did me in. I was fine till we tried leaving the pub. It was serious wall-to-wall people stuff. Actually, I can't write about it, because just thinking about it makes me breathe funny.

Fast forward to the house a little later, where more party people arrived. So many strangers in one day, and I couldn't switch off the anxiety, so I tried to drown it with red wine. I sort of succeeded, but I wasn't in good shape for Saturday's 'Beer Lap' of the Phillip Island circuit.


lemmiwinks said...

Good grief Betty! Perhaps I should send you some Loctite Blue for that gear lever pinch bolt?

I think that Clem secretly loves having a dodgy unreliable bike. At least that's the only rational explanation I can think of. There's no excuse for no wet weather gear though.

P.S We had a baby on Friday night :-D Tried to find your email buried in your profile or something but failed.

Sue said...

Ooooh, a baby! What sort of baby? How's L??? Details!!!! Photos!!!! Try bikerbettyatgmaildotcom and that will get to me!