Sunday, 11 October 2009

Strike Three for the Helmet from Hell.

I tried, I really did. But the Helmet from Hell has to go. My beautiful (and expensive) Arai Vector 'Scream' makes me scream. Bugger.

I love love LOVE the way it looks. I love the special features it has – the eyebrow vents, the wider field of vision, the nifty visor replacement mechanism.

BUT – It has to go.

Strike One
It felt really comfortable in the shop, but on the road it gives me an earache. Don't know why, but my right ear starts to hurt after about 100kms. It's better than it was, so I was thinking it might keep improving. I've had it for 3 or 4 weeks now, though, and have taken it on some long trips, and it still hurts. So – that's Strike One.

Strike Two
It's the noisiest thing I've ever had on my head. And because of the weird earache it gives me, I can't actually wear my earplugs while I'm riding, or I get an even worse earache after about 50kms!

I could've tolerated these shortcomings. Honest. But today, riding back from the Central Coast in disgusting weather, the Helmet from Hell hit Strike Three.

Strike Three
The visor doesn't seal tightly against the helmet. There's a gap. In heavy rain, water gets INSIDE the visor! I couldn't see where the f*ck I was going at times because of the raindrops before my eyes! That's actually a safety issue, not a fitment issue. Bye bye Arai. You are doomed to be a very expensive spare helmet for occasional use in good weather only.

Thank goodness I haven't actually turned my old Nolan into a pot-plant holder yet. Must get a tinted visor for it.

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