Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Brisbane or Bust Adventure - Days 3 & 4

I'm melting in my sacriligeous t-shirt - but gNat manages to look cool and gorgeous. How does she do that?

Days 3 & 4 – Chez Grimm to Casa del Clem

After the monster ride up it was lovely to veg completely with Grimm & Deirdre on Friday. Poor Grimm was feeling rather seedy for some reason on Saturday. Oh, okay, so was I, just a little bit. With temperatures in the 30s and humidity at around 70% it was too disgustingly sticky outside to do anything, so we spent the day watching movies, and the evening sitting in the spa, turning into rubbery creatures, sipping champers and watching music videos. Looxury!

Deirdre, Grimm and a terrified Betty about to depart

On Saturday morning, however, it was time to go. I said farewell to Grimm, Deirdre, Gina the dog and Monty the python and headed off for parts unknown. A mere 50kms of motorway riding, but I was terrified about getting lost. In fact, I was more nervous about making the trip from one side of Brisbane to the other than I was about riding all the way here from Canberra!

Bye bye Gina!

Decided to try riding in my glasses instead of the contact lenses, which have been giving me curry in the heat. Instead of having to contend with sticky lenses, gluey eyeballs and 200 blinks per minute to try and unglue them, all I had to worry about was my glasses sliding off my sweaty nose in the four thousand percent humidity.

It started raining just before I arrived, and gNat dashed out to meet me so that I didn't miss the house. (These people know me so well, tee hee!) Yay, I made it!

My fabulous hosts have made me feel very welcome. gNat took me for a drive around Sandgate and Redcliffe on Saturday, Michelle made a humungous pasta dinner (with even gluten free pasta for moi!!!) and we couch-potatoed in front of several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, some red wine and a screening of Dogma.

I also have some new best friends, and I'm trying to figure out how to smuggle Scrabble the dog into my tank bag tomorrow. Getting her past Michelle will be tricky!

Big tough biker Clem with Tinana

Today we've been out driving, eating pizza and sightseeing – Brisbane is so much bigger than I remember – and I'm wondering how the heck I'm going to transport the rather large bike stand that Clem won on eBay back to Canberra! It's been a lovely relaxing holiday in great company, and I feel pretty clever to have come this far. Tomorrow I do my very good impersonation of an overcooked boil-in-the-bag dinner again, and start the long ride home.

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Waiting for pizza :-)

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