Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wallowing - a Story in Pictures

So... the wading pool stayed in its box over the cold wet Christmas. We felt so - so cheated, somehow.

Today, though, was hot and dry, and the perfect day for a bit of wallowing in the wading pool (the Poobah & I call it 'Hippo-ing'.)

The Poobah, however, was nowhere to be seen when the pool needed to be inflated. Meh - she's asthmatic anyway. Besides, I have a hand pump.
Which doesn't appear to be working. Uh-oh...

Holy crap - thank goodness I'm not a smoker!
Oscar (lurking, stage left) : WTF are you doing?

Here Mum, now you've blown up the bottom half, I'll do the top one.

This is harder than it looks. I'll just, er, go and look for - for a pump. Or something.

No worries Boomerang Boy - these middle-aged lungs are in tip top shape! Wow, these head-spins are pure 1970s! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ha HA! I feel so STRONG and CAPABLE.... and light-headed...

Once the hard work had been done and Betty had regained consciousness, the Poobah turned up with the makings of strawberry daiquiris, and Betty got to sit in the pool first, to enjoy the fruits of her labour.
Boomerang Boy attended to the sausage sizzle and kept himself cool with a spray bottle of ice water...

And eventually we ALL got to do some hippo-ing! YAY! What a lovely way to spend a roasting afternoon in Canberra!

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