Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Brisbane or Bust

There’s nothing like a big solo ride to take my mind off my problems, and my head’s been a bit of a mess lately. Maybe I should’ve called this post Madwoman Plots Great Escape on Motorcycle.

For much of the past month, since deciding to do the trip, the prospect of a Canberra-Brisbane ride all by myself (about 1400kms each way) has alternately thrilled and terrified me. The pre-ride anxiety started early, but by crikey, I’m going to do it, no matter what.

I don’t know what it is about starting a long ride, but getting myself on the road is a Major Operation – a monstrous battle with myself and all my fears. Day 1 (a week from today) will be something like this:

· Be awake for much of the previous night after successfully avoiding packing the bike
· Poo ten times before 6am
· Feel nauseous
· Pack/dither/pack/dither/unpack/dither/pack
· Agonise over my bike gear – will it be too hot/cold/wet for what I’m wearing?
· Load up the bike, sweat, shake, go to the loo again. Twice.
· Get the bike out of the shed. Try not to fall off getting to the end of my street
· Ride to Armidale.

Once there I will pay homage to the littlest Lemmiwink and catch up with her lovely parents before retiring to the Deer Park Motel for the night (I don’t think that house guests and new babies are a comfortable combination unless you’re a blood relative).

On Thursday morning I will go through much of the process all over again, although I just might be less nervous by then. I will, of course, study the map ten times, write out detailed directions in BIG letters and go to the loo several times. By Thursday night I will be in Brisbane, safely ensconced at the home (and undoubtedly in the spa) of my brother Graham and his lady, Deirdre.

Two nights of recovery (plus cider, plus spa) should put me in a fab frame of mind to trek to the Other Side of Brissie (hopefully without getting lost) on Saturday morning, to Clem’s place!
Clem’s one of my ‘Ride to Phillip Island’ buddies, and a whiz at doing fix-it things to motorbikes, using hose clamps (although he’s less resourceful when it comes to packing wet-weather gear). In the 3 years that I’ve known Clem, we’ve done the PI pilgrimage 3 times, and I’ve met his daughter, his brother and his sister-in-law, but haven’t yet met his long-suffering wife. That’s the reason for this trip.

I’m giving myself an extra day to get home so I can go at a more leisurely pace. Will be calling in to visit people along the way, although I haven’t any concrete plans just yet. I’m going to try being laid-back and carefree, going wherever the road takes me. At least – that’s the plan so far… watch this space.


Tharyn said...

From Brissy it's just a SHORT 550km trip to Gladstone!! c'mon - you know you want to!

JohnO said...

Way to go BB! You will have a ball :)