Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Escape

Oh, at last! Time to blog! This term has been (in fact, still is) horrendous – but the Easter break gives me four whole days of breathing space. The noise in my head is pretty persistent at the moment, but after being in Mallacoota for half a day, things are slowly quietening down. I'll probably feel human tomorrow. Right now the breeze outside is making the trees sigh and whisper; the moon is full, and keeps slipping behind clouds, and the frog is back!

When I came here briefly in midsummer, it had been so hot and dry (hard to believe, given we’ve just had the wettest summer in about a million years!) that my little pond in the back yard had dried up. I was quite distressed. The pond had been home to a frog that made a funny sort of rhythmic wooden clunk in the evenings. No water, no frog… eek! But - the frog is back! He’s out there at the moment, clunking up a storm. Isn’t nature grand?

And speaking of nature - look what I found in my front garden when I got here. I photographed it next to my mobile phone to give you a sense of its size. White-tipped, but mostly black/grey, and impossibly soft – sugar glider? Oh dear… wonder where the rest of it is…and what separated it from its tail...and whether it's lurking in the long grass... Must attempt to get the creaky old lawnmower started tomorrow, and do something about the jungle that has sprouted in my absence.

Oh, it does my soul good to be here at last, mysterious body parts in the garden notwithstanding! I left Canberra at about 6.15 this morning, and encountered almost no traffic whatsoever. The potholes on the road to Bombala were big enough to lose a horse in – recent rain has done dreadful things, washing away big slabs of road, but apart from having to dodge potholes, I had a peaceful and uneventful drive. I timed it well, I think, judging by the traffic that’s been streaming into Mallacoota all afternoon! Community markets tomorrow - wheeeeeeeeeee!

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