Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A New Chapter Begins...

I'm here, finally, in my little house in Mallacoota – for good. No more having to leave. It’s official – this is Home now. And now that the unpacking is done, it feels like home. What a journey it’s been, though, to get here.

A buyer has made an offer for the Canberra house and it looks like All Systems Go there.
I spent all of last week putting things in boxes. How did I get so much STUFF? The first time I moved house I was able to fit all my worldly goods into about five cardboard boxes. This time it felt more like five hundred! Three days before Christmas, a family posse – Mick, Jayne, Steve, Sara, Kate, Mark and I – loaded up a rented truck – we even put the Harley in - and that was that. Here I am. Or rather, here we are. Basil the Travelling Cat did the Canberra-Mallacoota run three times in two days – about 1100kms overall, and behaved impeccably.
Basil the Travelling Cat at Wallagaraugh Rest Area

Travelling Cat is travelling

Travelling Cat is exhausted, and takes up far more of the armchair than he used to.
 All the hard work that Mick & Jayne did in the garden down here has been undone by Mother Nature, and I really need to mow the grass and pull out some weeds. But not today. Today, after unpacking the final box, I just want to sit and enjoy what’s left of my first Christmas Day in Mallacoota. Cheers, dears!


Trobairitz said...

All moved in and looking good. I am happy that you managed to get moved in and everything all set up. It looks like Basil handled it well. Such a good kitteh.

And an offer on the Canberra house, woohoo. I hope for a smooth sale for you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Seasons Greetings, etc, etc.

Here's wishing for the very best for you in 2013.

Moike said...

Welcome to Victoria. You picked one of the best bits.

Moike said...

...and you need to update "about me".

Geoff James said...

That's excellent news Sue and every good wish for this next exciting phase of your life. Traveling Cat looks extremely pleased with the decision too! May you have a wonderful festive season and also a stress-free run over the tears to come!

Gerry said...

Enjoy, Sue. You've well and truly earned a rest after your Annus Horribilis.

But don't get too comfortable. Your Harley wants to go for a ride.

All the best for 2013. :-))))