Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In which Betty gets out and about in the bush, and finds POO!

Oh, communing with nature – there’s nothing like it. Well, perhaps there is. I suppose the inner-city hipster version is having a killer coffee in a café with a killer barista and great art on the walls. I suppose both of these take you out of your home-world to a degree, but I prefer mine - and it's caffeine-free! Look at this:

I wandered lonely as a cloud…

The sign on the main road said ‘Sandy Point 3km’. I drove my low-slung little Hyundai about 300m along the trail before I got a bit nervous, and found a spot to pull over.

The (at times) steepish trail was pretty ordinary, and after half an hour of trudging along and sweating in the autumnal semi-warmth, I must confess to muttering under my breath: ‘This’d better be worth it!’

Of course it was! This is Croajingalong National Park, after all.

 The view was amazing –and (surprise surprise!) Sandy Point had a gorgeous little sandy beach! It was (mostly) soooo quiet there – would love to take a tent and spend a night or two there in warmer weather. A houseboat across the lake proved to be the source of the incongruous raucous laughter – someone was clearly having a fab time over there.

The walk back is never as long as the walk there, I reckon, because you have a vague idea of how far your destination is. Therefore, I didn’t rush, and enjoyed the flora:

Not sure whether fungus counts as flora.... but anyway...
the fauna (I wasn’t quick enough on the draw with the camera, and the wallaby sharing the path hopped away, dammit!) I spent a lot of time scanning the treetops for koalas, but to no avail…

And then there was the poo. Yes, the poo.  I’m no expert on critter poop. Growing up in suburbia I’m all too-familiar with those disgusting doggie leavings on the nature strips of local streets. I’ve been a bird-poop victim on occasions, and I’m all too-familiar with the awful stuff that appears in the kitty litter on a regular basis.

I discovered some interesting poop today though. While I can’t be certain, I think it’s wombat poop. Here, have a look:

The thing is, this poop appeared every few metres along the trail, some of it fairly new, some old, and in various stages of breakdown. Oh, look – here’s another one!

 Are wombats so incontinent? Or is there perhaps a population explosion of wombats around Mallacoota? Are they just exhibitionists? (What the heck is so attractive about the track as a pooping place???) I noticed lots of potential wombat hideyholes by the sides of the track (although why ANYTHING with a bumhole big enough to produce monster turds like this would need a hideyhole, I’m not sure!) I am now intrigued, and plotting a way to find out who/what is producing these massive piles of poo that make Rottweiler poop look like icky brown tic-tacs.

I’m really loving this bushwalking lark. My feetses, in their fabulous Redback safety boots, were a little tired by the end of it all - and my horrid arthritic bits were whining at me (bloody nuisances!) but my spirit felt renewed and recharged, so *two finger salute to arthritis!* Wheeeeeeeeee!


Trobairitz said...

I am thinking if the wombats are pooping on the trail maybe it is because there are too many sticks and shrubs waiting to poke them in the butt if they squat off trail.

Great pictures of the water and flowers. Sure looks like a pretty place.

And thanks for the Wordsworth quote. I was just thinking of it the other day when looking at the sky.

Sue said...

Hmm, hadn't thought about the sticks etc poking the squatting wombats in the bum. Good point... :-)

AndrewM said...

Wombats shit while they're on the move, like horses and unlike humans and dogs. They don't squat. The wombat poo is on the trail because the wombats use the trail in preference to bush bashing.

And, yes, you did photograph wombat poo, thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Andrew, ta heaps for our info on the toileting habits of wombats. I had no idea they simply dropped them on the run, so to speak. I also had no idea that our people-trails provided them with such convenient pooping places! What a splendid example of Man & Nature working together *chortle*

PS I'm assuming you're back in Qld now? Nice and warm, is it? In these dying days of autumn I was still in a t-shirt today, even this close to the Antarctic!!!

Kelsey Marsh said...


I am reaching out on behalf of Red Rock Films asking permission to use one of your above photos in our latest digital short. At Red Rock, we specialize in wildlife filmmaking for adults and children. We are producing an educational children's video about animal poop and would like to use your wombat poop photo in our short. Please let me the cost of using a few seconds of the above-mentioned photo for non-commercial, web only, 10 years rights.

Thank you,
Kelsey Marsh