Monday, 2 March 2009

Betty's Adventures in Diet Land II

How's your maths? I braved the scales this evening. Since the notorious willy-willy incident I've gained 1.5kgs (that's about 4 pounds). I'm impressed. I thought it would be more. It feels like more. Those dimples say it's more - but it's not!

Clearly there's some weird cosmic maths happening here. The net gain is 1.5kgs, right? Let's see how it all adds up....

I reckon hopping around on the crutches removed maybe half a kilo of blubber from my arms, shoulders, pecs & lats.

It also added maybe a kilo of muscle.

Net gain: +.5kg

My left calf muscle is like a grapefruit. A gain, perhaps, of 100gms?

My right calf muscle has shrunk to the size of an undernourished walnut – a loss of maybe 300gms?

Net loss of 200gms
Running total: +.3kg

Of course, this is all total supposition, based on the way things LOOK. Having said that, though - assuming my wild suppositions are anything like accurate (remember, I failed HSC vegie maths!) that:

If you take into account the muscle gain/loss from the injury itself, the rest of my inactivity, not to mention my red wine and potato chip diet, has caused me to gain 1.2kgs of blubber in the last 6 weeks.

You know what? I can live with that! When I am mobile again, just hauling my motorbike around (instead of my fat arse!) and walking around a lot and eating decent food... The blubber will disappear! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


Anonymous said...

You are such a dag BooBoo :) You do make me giggle though, given that I'm probably double your weight anyway !!! Diet tea huh???? ...............
Yogi :)

Sue said...

Yeah, diet tea... it was one of those email spam things (makes a change from viagra and willy-growing spam!)

Nice to see you Yogi!