Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bikerbetty's (almost) back!

I'm so excited I can hardly type!

Yesterday's x-rays were good. Today I did cast off the moonboot and walk, and yea verily it did hurt a bit. Poo. The foot hath forgotten how to walk.

What was painful at 4pm, though, was no longer painful at 9pm. Watering the garden worked miracles. As did a minor mouse-project next door.

God it's nice to have good neighbours! Poor Maree has been terrorised by a mouse recently, and I've been offering to remove any meeces - but she has consistently declined (probably due to my crippled state. I bet she was worried that I couldn't outrun a mouse and I might drop dead from fright... LOL)

Tonight, though, back on two legs and only needing marginal support from a crutch, I went mouse-hunting at Maree's (she would do the same for me if the situation were reversed, with spiders instead of mice).


We could see where the mouse had been (how much POO can a single mouse produce in the course of an evening's frolics in a bag of dessicated coconut, for goodness' sake?) but there was no mouse. We re-laid baits in more "mouse-friendly" locations and I made Maree promise to call me if mousie should show his face again. I even offered the services of Oscar bin Laden, who sat at her front door yowling mournfully. Was he begging me to come home and give him some attention, or was he yowling death-threats at Maree's meeces? Who knows! He even did a cursory stalk through the house, with much sniffing and waving of the tail, (who knows what cats think?) before shepherding me home. That cat is SUCH a control-freak.

Actually, Oscar bin Laden despatched a mouse the night before last. He left the corpse by my bed (a love token, bless his little black heart!) Perhaps it was Maree's mouse, who knows?

Oh - but I am distracted by talk of vermin...

MY FOOT IS ALLEGEDLY BETTER! I've an appointment with a physio next Tuesday after work. I hope to learn how to make my foot do what it has been doing for the last 49 years without any trouble - and I hope to learn it quickly! I have a motorcycle that has been sitting patiently (and sadly, I'm sure) in the shed. We need to RIDE!


lemmiwinks said...

Woohoo! Awesome! Go Betty :-)

Pisshead Pete said...

Onya Betty! Don't forget to be nice to your foot. It's got a lot of re-learning to do.

Can I swap you that mouse for a bush rat that keeps building its nest in my engine bay? Everytime I drive to town the Jeep smells like a damn bushfire!

Unaugural Ash?

lemmiwinks said...

Hey Pete, I'm a definitely maybe for the Unaug this year. Thinking of a down and back Sat/Sunday run though maybe I'm getting too old for those kinds of shenanigans.