Thursday, 8 January 2009

Elvis has left the building - and he's in Parkes, NSW!

Sometimes, do you feel as if you're on (or from) another planet? Holy crap, I do...

A few days ago I walked down the hill to my local shops. In the space of about 20 metres I witnessed a drug deal (what IS the correct procedure for that? I just kept looking straight ahead cos I was petrified!) a bunch of teenage boys looking for trouble (they were prowling around the back of the shops with a baseball bat) and a crazy lady (she was talking very loudly to herself - I looked for the cellphone headset but there wasn't one). Anyway - I was just going about my business, walking to the shops to buy a bottle of wine, and I was confronted by all this weirdness. Is it any wonder I drink?

But for weirdness and "cognitive dissonance", nothing can compare with this - the Elvis festival at Parkes, NSW.

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This morning's news had this little snippet:

400 impersonators crowd Elvis Express

One for the money: Elvis impersonators prepare to catch the Elvis Express. (ABC TV)

About 400 Elvis impersonators and fans have boarded a special train from Sydney to Parkes for the annual festival honouring 'The King'.

The passengers on the Elvis Express will be among about 8,000 visitors expected to crowd the town in the state's central west for the next five days.

Impersonators and dancers performed at Central Station before departing at 8:30am.


Can you imagine how that feeling of being on another planet would kick in? You're minding your own business, going to work - and all of a sudden a horde of Elvises (Elvii?) appears. You'd start to wonder about your sanity, wouldn't you?

Guess where I'm off to on Sunday!!! Uh-huh-huh! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Watch this space!

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